8-year-old travels country to hug police officers

8-year-old travels country to hug police officers (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - In the Cincinnati Police Memorial Parade, officers and supporters recognize the ones who serve and honor those who’ve died in the line of duty.

In the crowd, eight-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin is doing what she does best, giving out hugs to as many officers as she can.

Rosalyn lives in Louisiana, but she travels all over the country hugging the police.

A Houston officer said Rosalyn recharges their batteries and raises morale.

Friday afternoon, Cincinnati’s police chief said he feels the same way.

“To have a young person like that really just share that love that she has for police officers, it really warms our hearts especially on a day like this when we are remembering those that we’ve lost,” Chief Eliot Isaac said.

When Rosalyn was told that Officer Ken Grubbs was shot last year in the line of duty, she took his hand and prayed for him.

Officer Grubbs said, “It’s a great feeling, knowing that someone that you don’t even know is reaching out to you and just bringing love to everything.“

So far, Rosalyn has been to 27 states and if you ask her, she will tell you that she is on a “mission of love”. She says God decided that she should do what she is doing.

Rosalyn’s mother, Angie Baldwin said, “Basically it was the shooting in Dallas that broke her heart. She said, Mama, they are killing our heroes. They don’t understand and then when it happened in Baton Rouge it was very personal to her.“

Rosalyn has even been to Ferguson where there were days of riots after an officer-involved shooting. Her mother says that Rosalyn helps build bridges between the police and the community.

“It’s been enlightening and a blessing and they obviously needed the love,” said Angie.

The officers appreciate Rosalyn and whether you’re an officer or not, a hug from this little girl will warm your heart.

Rosalyn has fundraisers to help offset the cost of traveling.

Click the link below if you were interested in helping:

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