ACLU lawyer calls county-wide homeless camp ban 'troubling'

ACLU lawyer calls county-wide homeless camp ban 'troubling' (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (AP) - A member of a civil rights group says the scope of an order banning homeless encampments throughout a southwest Ohio county is "troubling."

The ACLU of Ohio's Joe Mead says he's never heard of a county prosecutor arguing that homeless people are a nuisance in all public spaces. He says nuisance cases typically concern specific locations.

A judge on Thursday expanded an order prohibiting encampments to all of Hamilton County. It had been limited to south of Norwood Lateral and between I-71 and I-75.

Mead calls the order unusual and says evidence he's seen doesn't support a ban throughout the county.

A national homeless advocate says cities across the country are zeroing in on homeless camps. Officials on Friday will order about 20 people to leave an encampment in northern Massachusetts, citing health and safety concerns.

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