Adams County girls take part in summer life skills program

Adams County girls take part in summer life skills program (WKRC)

ADAMS COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - There’s nothing like getting your hair done, a new style, and your nails just to top it off, especially for a young group of girls.

Sherry Davis is a cosmetology teacher at Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center. She and some of her senior students volunteered to help a group of girls feel pretty.

“I love it," Davis said. "They are beautiful, even natural. They don’t have to have nails and hair, but obviously that makes us all feel good about ourselves.”

25 girls, 12 and 13 years old, had a spa day at the school on Friday. They just finished a 14-week life skills program, learning things that they might not learn in school.

Rich Seas is the Adams County Ohio Valley Schools Superintendent.

“They are present with a lot of different challenges," Adams County Ohio Valley Schools Superintendent Rich Seas said. "So through the program, they’ll learn some discernment, do I smoke that joint, do I drink that drink.“

Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers put together the program. Volunteers spent time mentoring the girls, empowering them, and teaching them that they can be anything they want to be with hard work.

Lisa Hayes with Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor’s office came to encourage the girls. Local attorney Barbara Moore congratulated them and another role model, Deputy Lisa Phillips, was there to support the girls as well.

12-year-old Olivia Minton said her favorite part of the program was being around her friends and making new friends.

12-year-old Cadance Mowen added, “It just gives you an opportunity to learn different things.”

There’s a special lunch for the girls at Murphin Ridge Inn, camaraderie, and lots of hugs and advice from their mentors.

Radah Brown has been mentoring the girls for weeks.

“Some of these girls are dealing with a lot of things in their lives and we just want them to know that there’s people in their lives that do love them, do care for them,” Brown said.

There’s a proud moment for each one of the girls who earned their certificate and when they leave, they will remember that volunteers invested in them as kids, so that they would be successful adults.

“Just showing them that we can do anything as women and you were circumstances that you’re in now don’t dictate where you’re going in the future," Brown said.

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