Animal rescue workers see increase in pets left in cold

Animal rescue workers see increase in pets left in cold (WKRC)

MORROW, Ohio (WKRC) - "Joe" the kitten is only eight-weeks-old, but he's already been through a lot. On Thursday, he had surgery at Baker House Animal Hospital in Warren County.

"We had to amputate the tips of his ears and the end of his tail, probably about the last third of it came off today," said Dr. Ariana Bolan, who is the veterinarian who operated on the Joe.

Joe first came to the hospital during the bitter cold two weeks ago. Workers with Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue brought him in for help after getting a phone call about the kitten.

Joe was found along Old 3C Highway in Hamilton Township and the vet says if he hadn't been rescued, he likely would've died from exposure.

"It appears that he had been tossed outside like somebody didn't want him or something. It did not appear that he had been born outside and had grown up outside. Typically, with their fur, you can kind of tell," said Janel Hemrick, who works with Myles Ahead.

Workers say they have seen multiple cases of dogs and cats left out in the cold since the temperatures dropped.

Earlier this month, police arrested a woman for leaving her dogs in the cold in Butler County.

Three of the dogs died. Four were malnourished but survived.

Hemrick says it's the kind of situation that prompts animal rescues to make room for as many pets as possible.

“As humans need to really step up, watching, seeing, if we see an animal outside, trying to get it the help that it needs,” Hemrick said.

Joe will need time to get used to people, but workers are hoping that with the proper care, he'll get better and get a good home.

Hemrick is confident that Joe will get a good home.

“We would love to have him adopted. He is adorable and sweet,” Hemrick said.

Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue has several pets up for adoption. If you're interested, click this link.

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