Area physicians warn of weather-related accidents, injuries as snow begins to fall

    Area physicians warn of weather-related accidents, injures as snow begins to fall (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There are concerns from emergency physicians as the snow starts to fall.

    Weather-related accidents and injuries are already coming into area emergency rooms.

    The warning on Friday concerns the next 24 hours. The last few days have been busy for area emergency medicine providers.

    Since the start of the wintry weather, it's been the ice on roadways and walkways that are leading to an increase in accidents and injuries.

    “Sometimes people fall on ice so quickly the trauma is absorbed in the back of their head, so that's always a concern like a concussion or a significant head injury,” said Terry Foster of St. Elizabeth Emergency Medicine.

    Terry Foster’s team at Saint Elizabeth in Edgewood says that a bigger concern is if you fall and break a bone or a hip.

    “Sometimes a hip or a pelvic fracture can be the beginning of the end, which is a sad way to way to put it, but you have complications of like a blood clot, sepsis, immobility, infection all those things that can set in from a hip or a pelvic fracture,” said Foster.

    Cold itself can cause breathing and heart problems too, especially with exertion.

    “We’ll see patients come in with chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue sometimes that's in men, but also in women,” said Foster.

    However, the real goal is for you not to wind up in the emergency department for any reason, even though they have all the right teams waiting and ready. So, that means a few common-sense things come to mind.

    The top three may be:

    1. Staying home if possible
    2. Wearing rubber bottomed footwear
    3. Paying strict attention to your surroundings without any unneeded distractions, like your phone.

    “Try not to be texting talking on the phone, or whatever, just focus on your walking your balance and your traction,” said Foster.

    It should also be noted that for women, sometimes they'll have more atypical chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue, where men tend to have more the pain, but these are often men that have somewhat of a sedentary lifestyle, and then go out and want to shovel a driveway, where they lifting fifty pounds with each shovel, and doing that fifty to 100 times it's not a good thing to do for your body.

    “Any pain, any symptoms, stop what you are doing,” said Foster.

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