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Ask the Expert: What do I do to treat sneezing and wheezing?

Ask the Expert: What do I do to treat sneezing and wheezing? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you are sneezing and wheezing, you likely have symptoms of one of the chief complaints in Tri-State doctors’ offices right now.

“She gets a rash every time the wind blows,” said Danielle Brown, mother to Mackenzie.

Little Mackenzie has struggled with allergy symptoms for years, and most of the time, as her mother says: “We just to over the counter stuff, unless it gets too bad.”

Dr. Sofia Qureshi says it's a bad time of year for people with allergies that also have asthma.

“Allergies make it worse because asthma responds to environmental triggers,” said Dr. Qureshi.

Those environmental triggers can be a number of things, such as:

  • pollen
  • trees
  • grass
  • cockroaches
  • dust mites

There's a whole list of those triggers and in those cases patients should know what their triggers are.

Those triggers allow you to prepare an “asthma action plan” and Dr. Qureshi says every asthma patient should be on a program such as the one she suggests.

“Which really indicates the green, yellow, and red zones. That really helps guide, if you are having no cough, no chest tightness then you are a little bit better off,” said Dr. Qureshi.

You can find out about those triggers through a lab test that could involve both blood and skin tests and once you know them, doctors can help you manage them much in the same way you would manage any other chronic illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

“You really have to stick to that guided therapy, if someone is moderate, persistent they need to be on a daily medication on a regular basis so that they are not having those exacerbations,” said Dr. Qureshi.

Newer combination therapies help many with asthma.

“They are a combination of beta agonists and steroids, inhaled steroids,” said Dr. Qureshi.

And if allergies are part of the problem, allergy medications or other therapies also need to be part of the solution.

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