Questions surround double murder-suicide in South Cumminsville

Three people are dead after a shooting in South Cumminsville Thursday night (WKRC)

SOUTH CUMMINSVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) - Three people are dead after a shooting in South Cumminsville Thursday night. Police believe it's a double murder-suicide, but they're not saying who pulled the trigger, or why.

Police have identified the three people found dead as Julia Schroeder, 56, Rachel Milburn, 36 and Chester Milburn, 45.

Police were called to the scene around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night. Neighbors say that Rachel's son came home and discovered the bodies.

Those neighbors say they did not hear any arguing nor any gunshots.

Facebook pages indicate Chester and Rachel Milburn were married. Neighbors say Julia Schroeder was Rachel's mother. They say the victims had only lived in the residence since May, but there was never any obvious indication of trouble.

“They were a really nice family. They were our neighbors. We have nothing bad to say about them. They were really nice,” said Martina Cooley, a neighbor.

“They all lived here together. One happy family, and the son came home and found everything. It's sad, it's just sad,” said Shanedon Sims, a neighbor.

Local court records were checked but no criminal cases were found and there was no evidence of any domestic troubles, so at this point it's a mystery and a tragedy.

Chester Milburn worked for a school transportation company. An employee at the company told Local 12 News that they are shocked, but they did not want to say anything else.

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