Attorney: Mom of 8-year-old suicide victim says she didn't know he was assaulted at school

Attorney: Mom of 8-year-old suicide victim says she didn’t know he was assaulted at school (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A grieving mom has plenty of questions for administrators of the school her son attended.

Gabriel Taye died in January. He was only 8 when he committed suicide.

On Wednesday night, Local 12 has learned from Gabe's mother's attorney that a video shows Gabe being assaulted in the bathroom of Carson Elementary School two days before he died. His mom says she had no idea.

It reportedly shows a boy assault several students in the bathroom including Gabe. The boy then appears to celebrate as Gabe lies motionless on the floor.

That night, Gabe's mom says he got sick a few times and she took him to the hospital where it was assumed he had the flu.

It's not clear at this point what, if anything, school administrators knew about the incident in the bathroom or if they saw the video.

The hope is that parents of other students involved will come forward with their accounts of what happened.

“If the school had told mom that ‘your son was assaulted,’ ‘your son had lost consciousness for seven minutes,’ she would have immediately taken him to the hospital and had him examined,” said the mother’s attorney Jennifer Branch. "She's devastated that her son's second to last day was so painful for him and that she didn't know and that she couldn't protect him."

The attorney says the only thing administrators told Gabe's mom was that he had passed out.

On Wednesday night, Local 12 has learned that the detective on the case asked the school's assistant principal about the video in February.

Back when the incident happened, a spokesperson for Cincinnati Public Schools told Local 12’s Deb Dixon that the medical emergency involving Gabe did not involve him being thrown to the floor.

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