Mother of baby who died in Colerain Twp. had custody of 5 kids taken from her years ago

Mother of baby who died in Colerain Twp. had custody of 5 kids taken from her years ago (WKRC)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - More is being learned about a mother and father who are both charged in the death of their 2-year-old child.

The Colerain couple was arrested days after police were called to their home for an unresponsive child.

The 911 call for help came from the mom in the middle of the night

  • DISPATCHER: "What's your name?"
  • SAMANTHA SICKER: "He's not breathing."
  • SICKER: "I don't know... Samantha Sicker... I don't know"
  • SICKER: "He had a fall out of his playpen today he was doing fine then all of a sudden."
  • DISPATCHER: "How old is he?”

Aiden, who would have turned 3-years-old next month, was rushed to Children's Hospital in grave condition.

Soon after arriving at the Taylor Creek Condo complex, Colerain Township Police called a detective to investigate.

Here's what Samantha Sicker, who is charged with lying to police, said in the 911 call about what happened to her son:

"He tumbled out and I heard him screaming and he went into my mom's hardwood entertainment center and he wasn't breathing too good and stuff. And he's got bruises all over him from falling and stuff," said Sicker.

But police say little Aiden got those bruises from his father, Gianfranco Marin. He's charged with murder.

The arrest warrant says Marin caused the death by blunt force trauma to the 2-year-old's head, neck and torso.

"It's shocking that a child is now... His life has ended because of the neglect of a mother at this point. I feel," said Matthew Riga, who knows Samantha very well.

Samantha was married to Matthew's brother Mark for almost 15 years. They eventually separated and Samantha took the children.

Court papers show in 2013 that Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services took custody of all five children when it was determined Samantha’s home was unfit and no other relatives were in a position to take them.

Gianfranco Marin was part of Samantha’s life back then. He attended the hearing for the children and was listed as their mother's boyfriend.

A spokesman for job and family services said there were no cases involving Aiden. JFS would only go out to a home and check on a child if a call is made. Aiden died on January 12th. He was living in the same apartment the other five children were taken from.

The Hamilton County coroner’s office said on Wednesday that the official cause of death is still pending.

The grand jury will consider Marin and Sicker's cases. The panel's report is due next week.

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