BBB Cincinnati to host event to help seniors avoid scams

BBB Cincinnati and law enforcement to host event to help seniors avoid scams (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Several local law enforcement agencies are teaming up with the Better Business Bureau to help people avoid getting scammed this holiday season. People can attend the event at the VA Medical Center or they can watch on Facebook on Dec. 5.

According to the Better Business Bureau, a total of 288 reports of fraudulent activity were collected in the Greater Cincinnati area in 2017 which resulted in roughly $80,000 in losses reported.

These scams typically present themselves in the form of phone calls and emails. Sometimes they'll tell people that they owe the IRS money and they make threats if that money isn't paid immediately.

Other times, it'll be someone posing as a family member saying they're in trouble and they need money wired to get them out of a jam.

Sandy Guile with the Better Business Bureau says that while we generally view the elderly as targets for these types of scams anyone and everyone can fall victim.

"It can happen to anyone. So what we're trying to do is two things. First is to dispel some of those myths, that the elderly are frail, and that they don't know what they're doing, because a lot of them are tech savvy, believe it or not. And number two, it can happen any time of the year, but we're really trying to push that message out because a lot of us are distracted right now."

The event titled "To Grandmother's Wallet We Go" is set for 3:30 p.m. at the VA Medical Center at 3200 Vine Street. Attendees will get tips and information from Cincinnati Police, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, the Council on Aging and ProSeniors.

Or Watch on the BBB Cincinnati Facebook page and submit questions there.

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