Blanchester man charged in attempted murder of his girlfriend

Blanchester man charged in attempted murder of his girlfriend. Jamie McLaughlin originally told police it was accidental (CCSO)

BLANCHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) - A grand jury indicted a man on ten charges, including attempted murder, for shooting his girlfriend in Blanchester. Jamie McLaughlin, 31, initially told police the shooting was an accident.

Mary Neace was shot on May 2 at home on Orchard View Lane.

In a news released, Chief Scott Reinbolt said he was criticized for not immediately arresting McLaughlin. He said the case was difficult because Neace initially backed McLaughllin's claims that the shooting was accidental.

Chief Reinbolt said the investigation showed it was no accident. Neace suffered other injuries in that incident that Chief Reinbolt said were "inflicted with criminal intent".

The grand jury agreed. It handed down an indictment for that shooting and two other crimes, including stolen property allegedly found during a search warrant of his home on May 7. McLaughlin is charged with attempted murder, felonious assault, three counts of abduction, assault, a gun charge, two counts of aggravated menacing and receiving stolen property.

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