BLINK Light and Art Festival to transform city with interactive exhibits

BLINK Light and Art Festival to transform city with interactive exhibits (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - BLINK is being called one of the "coolest events ever" in Cincinnati.

The four-day light art festival starts Thursday. It’s already taking shape around downtown.

A giant luminarium called the "Architects of Air" is set up in Washington Park. Domes, lights and mazes will wow you when you step inside. It was designed by Alan Parkinson who lives in France. More than 3 million visitors in 40 countries around the world have enjoyed it and now it’s in the Queen City.

60 of the 100 artists in the show are from Cincinnati. A team from Kolar Design are working on an enchanted forest display that’ll use the Charlie Harper mural as a backdrop.

"There will be glowing stumps for seats to have everyone sit and watch light projection show on the wall... There will be bands here each night," said Christian Reichle of Kolar Design.

A metal peacock is another must-see art exhibit. It was created by Kyle and Tim, artists from Baltimore. You can see it at Rookwood Pottery on Race Street.

"We took a log splitter and it pushes the feathers up. During the night we will open and close the feathers. It’ll act like a real peacock," said Kyle.

The festival runs along the streetcar route. It goes from Findlay Market to The Banks of the Ohio River.

Adult sized teeter-totters are set up in the lawn at the Freedom Center. At night they’ll light up.

Interactive, ridable, touchable art is what makes BLINK so unique.

They’ll be 35 art installations. 22 project mapping or light up walls on display and nine murals.

"You can start anywhere along the event for BLINK and just join in right there. You should be for each attraction be able to see the next attraction. You can use the street car, Cincy Red Bike or by foot from each exhibit to each exhibit," said Rich Walburg, the Communications Director for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

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