Board takes steps to arm teachers at Madison schools

    Board takes steps to arm teachers at Madison schools (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Teachers and staff may soon be able to carry weapons at a local school where a student shot and wounded two classmates two years ago.

    The board of the Madison Local School District voted unanimously to allow employees to "defend and protect students."

    It is the same school district where a student brought a gun into the junior-senior high school cafeteria two years ago and wounded two students.

    Tuesday night's decision requires those who are armed to be certified and go through active shooter training. They would have to be re-certified every year.

    The superintendent's written permission would be required in every case.

    The training and certification could take months, so it's doubtful anyone would be armed before next school year.

    Jeff Hirsh reports details of the decision.

    The union which represents Madison teachers is opposed to arming teachers. The Ohio Education Association says it opposes teachers serving a dual role as educators and school safety personnel armed with weapons.

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