Boone Co. Deputy's car jack helps save boy's life

Boone Co. Deputy's carjack helps save boys life (WKRC)

HEBRON, Ky. (WKRC) - Deputy Ryan Strange only had seconds to act, grabbing a jack from the back of his SUV, and rushing to a car.

His body camera was recording as he saw a 15-year-old boy lodged underneath it. The boy had been riding a skateboard at West Horizon and Coral Drive in Hebron Saturday afternoon when a car hit him.

"He was totally out of it. His right arm was caught up behind his back. It was basically touching his left shoulder," said Deputy Strange.

Deputies say the boy had no pulse at that point. Deputy Strange’s jack, one that he always carries, got the car off the boy.

"I started jacking that car up to get the pressure off of him. Once we released that, the initial pressure was off of him, we still couldn’t pull him out," said Deputy Strange.

"After watching the video, you see the fire department is getting there as he gets it jacked up and everybody in this effort kind of pushes the car up a little bit and pulls him and gets him out," said Major Tom Scheben who is the spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are not required to carry jacks, but Deputy Strange does to help drivers who may need a tire changed.

"It just helps people out and it gives a good light on police officers in general. We get out there, we’re in our full gear, our vests, our gun belts and everything else and they see that we are there. We are caring people and we will help you," said Deputy Strange.

He says the jack that he has is much faster than a jack that typically comes with a vehicle. Deputies say that when the seconds counted to help save a young life, everyone pulled together.

"You have first responders to get him from under the car, the helicopter lands, and takes care of the rest of the business," said Major Scheben.

The teen was flown to Children's Hospital by medical helicopter.

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