Bread? Milk? Seems like Cincinnati is in store for another wintry weekend

    Bread? Milk? Seems like Cincinnati is in store for another wintry weekend (John Gumm, WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The storm system that will hit the Greater Cincinnati area is more than 3,000 miles away at the moment, but it's becoming more clear as to where it's headed and what it's bringing.

    Get ready Cincinnati, because you are in for another round of wintry weather. That means a possibility of rain, freezing rain, and of course, snow.

    According to Local 12 Meteorologist John Gumm, weather models are in "remarkable agreement" on the storm's general track.

    "This track is more northerly of last weekend's storm and - if it generally holds true - would likely result in a sloppy mess of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. But it's the freezing rain I'm worried about the most," said Meteorologist John Gumm. "This aspect of the storm will need to be watched closely in the coming days."

    If the storm tracks to the south, that could result in less of a mix of precipitation and more snow. If the opposite holds true and it tracks to the north, it will be more rain and mix than snow.

    "While it's still too early for specifics, this storm system could have a major impact on travel across the Ohio Valley on both Saturday and Sunday. And with sharply falling temperatures behind this system Sunday, a flash freeze may occur with anything wet turning to ice," said Gumm. "In addition to all of that, flooding could also be a problem especially in our southeastern counties. So yeah, there's a lot to watch."

    You can see your Local 12 Weather Authority Forecast here

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