Butler County Sheriff Jones interested in bid for Senate

Butler County Sheriff Jones interested in bid for Senate. (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has a reputation for being outspoken and he just might be taking that on the road to Capitol Hill.

He’s been approached to run for the U.S. Senate since Republican Josh Mandel dropped out of the race last week.

“I received lots of phone calls. It’s stirred some interest. I explained that it would take a lot of money to do this. It’s kind of a last-minute deal," said Jones.

Jones says he didn’t throw his hat in the ring, others sought him out. The sheriff makes it clear that he loves his job, but he’s tired of career politicians in Congress who spend more time arguing instead of passing laws.

“We want things done. We want to lower taxes. We want ... jobs. He wants the border issue fixed once and for all with both Democrats and Republicans,“ Jones said.

Rumors that Jones might be considering a bid started after Mandel dropped out. Mandel was expected to try and unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. The sheriff says if he runs, he has a good shot against other Republicans.

“Those who their names have been mentioned, I could beat them handily. The governor would be the easiest to beat. Kasich, nobody likes him. So, he’d be easy to beat as a Republican and the others, I would beat them, too, if I chose to do that,“ Jones said.

Jones grew up in Hamilton, served as a combat engineer in the United States Army, has had a long career in law enforcement and is known for his straightforward style. He gained national attention for his stance on immigration, a stance that drew controversy long before President Donald Trump got into office. The sheriff also supported then-presidential candidate Trump.

Despite his hard-nosed exterior, the sheriff says if he were a senator, he would compromise on issues to get the job done. “Democrats and Republicans have totally forgot where they came from. They represent us, the little people,“ he said. “Will I be the one that runs for Senate? Stay tuned.“

Jones is serving his fourth term as Butler County's sheriff. Jones says if he were to become a senator, he has an idea of who he wants to fill his shoes as sheriff. That’s his second in command, Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer.

Jones will likely make a decision on whether to run by the end of the week.

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