Campbell County Library wants you to Drop Your Drawers

Campbell County Library branches are taking donations for new children's underwear (WKRC)

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - The Campbell County library system wants you to drop your drawers to help local kids in need.

Library director J.C. Morgan says, "For some kids, clean underwear is a luxury their parents can't afford. "Some of these kids who go home at the end of the school day have no idea where they're going to sleep that night, or where they're going wake up the next morning. Underwear, on that list of priorities, is pretty low."

If a child goes without or has an accident at school it can be a problem. "I just thought, that was amazing, that such a basic need would get in the way of a kid reading."

That realization is leading to a special campaign at all the branches of the Campbell County library system. "There are 50 counties in the state this year that are interested in doing it. and then Louisiana, Indiana, and Florida libraries have contacted us to do it. we're the first to do it," said branch manager David Anderson.

The Drop Your Drawers donation drive is simple, you buy packages of new underwear, drop them off at the library and they'll be sent out to every elementary school in the county to help kids in need. "As the father of a child in elementary school in Campbell County, I've had that happen where I've gotten the call and had to run to Target and buy a pack of underpants. Not everybody can just leave work and go get underwear if they need to for their kid, so that's an awesome idea."

This is the third year for the Drop Your Drawers donation drive and it's making a difference. "There's actually a grandmother who had a grandchild who, she had ailments and would have accidents frequently," said Brittany Parr, children's programmer. "She needed this program and her grandmother actually comes to donate tons of underwear because of it. and she's so very excited because she's helping other kids, just like her granddaughter."

It's help that kids, families and teachers appreciate. "I've been on the other side of, working with children who have had accidents in class. It's an awesome program because it keeps them in the learning environment, and it's less embarrassing for them."

You can drop off brand new packages of underwear at any Campbell County library branch.

There are three locations; Cold Spring, Ft. Thomas and Newport. The underwear drive continues through the end of the year. Organizers hope to get at least 6,000 pairs.

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