Car thief takes off with owner's 7-year-old grandson in Westwood

Boy safe after car thief jumped into running car at a Westwood market and took off (CPD)

WESTWOOD, WKRC – This time of the year it’s common to see cars idling in parking lots unattended. While it’s illegal, it happens every day and thieves are just waiting for you to walk away.

It happened three times in a 12-hour time span in the city of Cincinnati Tuesday. However, one of them was scarier than the other two as a 7-year-old was in the back seat of a car stolen from the parking lot of a plaza near Glenmore and Montana.

According to police a woman left her car running and went into the 1 Stop Market. As she walks from her car to the door of the store she passes a man who in a matter of seconds steals her car. The theft was captured on surveillance cameras in the plaza. Inside the car is the young boy. The seven-year-old was found safe 20 minutes later and reconnected with family.

Before the car was stolen, the man seen on video taking the car tried to sell a cell phone to the men inside Best Wireless.

"He was desperate need of money, he offered to sell the phone but I told him no we don't buy it,” said Bobby Abboud. “He said not even for five bucks? We say no. have a good day sir, and he leaves the store. "

Abboud says he sees it often, a car running with no one it or with kids inside. His message to parents, “You have to take care of your kids. Don't leave them in a car, I know it's cold and they like to keep the car warm. But the kids, worth more than anything else you will buy from the grocery store or the cell phone store,” said Abboud.

The suspect wore a black Nike winter hat, a grey hoodie and a camouflage jacket.

The stolen 1997 Toyota Avalon has Ohio Plates, GVV 6980.

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