CCU adds football; building $5M sports complex

CINCINNATI (Joe Webb) -- Cincinnati Christian University announced plans Monday, June 1, to build a $5 million sports complex and field a football team in the fall of 2016. The Price Hill school also hired former Bengals All-Pro David Fulcher as the head coach. It means more than just another football team to root for; the sports complex will be for the community, not just the school.The students were gone from the Cincinnati Christian University campus but a small crowd gathered in the gym for Monday's announcement. President Ken Tracy unveiled ambitious plans for new buildings and new sports programs."The stadium will seat 1,500 and will be a multi-use facility. And we are proud that this complex will not only house our athletic programs but will be used for the betterment of Price Hill and the community and the people that live here," Tracy said.It will be built across Lehman from the back side of CCU. Right now it's just a vacant lot. It will be home to the new Eagles football team in 2016. Athletic director Beth Rogers beamed as she introduced David Fulcher as the first head coach. Fulcher said he was excited at the chance to coach, teach and mentor."It's not about football. I played my football. For me, it's the life-learning things. I want to be able to teach the young men I meet here at CCU and make them better men and women in society; in the world," Fulcher said.The plans were being well-received by alums. Across the river at Reality Tuesday, owner Bill Gregg, a 1998 graduate, said he thought football was a good fit for CCU, "I think as far as football, we know it builds community and I think the main focal point of the school is to build outreach and reach a wider mass of people. I think the football program would open up a whole new horizon for that."The sports complex will be used for sports camps and available for schools that don't have stadiums. The athletic director said they have already talked to Oyler School to see if they want to use it. It will be paid for by the CCU athletic boosters.Cincinnati Christian already has 12 teams that compete in the NAIA. Football will be coming in 2016. Fall 2015, they will add men's baseball, women's softball and women's golf.

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