Cincinnati brothers create virtual museum to preserve history of Star Wars, Kenner toys


    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There are Star Wars fans, and then there are the Lehmkuhl brothers. Even calling them super fans might be an understatement.

    After they saw Star Wars, they started collecting the toys made in their hometown.

    "We're like a true product of Cincinnati: bred on Skyline and Kenner toys," said Sean Lehmkuhl.

    "Every weekend it turned into us going to Trader's World flea market and meeting up in Building 5 was where our toy dealer was," said Ryan Lehmkuhl.

    Twenty-five years later, they are still searching.

    "It's exciting for us because we truly go out and we find all of our own items, and every day is a new adventure," said Sean.

    Their basement is full of vintage action figures still in packaging, items from movie sets, games, clothes and prototypes that never hit the shelves. There are so many Star Wars and Kenner products, they are now taking photos and uploading them to a virtual museum.

    "I have a lot of people reach out to me and say, 'Oh, you know, I had this as a kid. I think it's so cool you're taking the time to do high-resolution photos of it where I can actually zoom in and it takes me back to my childhood,'" said Sean.

    "It also is kind of an education device for people that are just getting in to the hobby," said Ryan.

    The items preserve Cincinnati history and give the Lehmkuhl brothers the chance to be kids again.

    "It keeps us close as brothers, and, you know, not only that, it's the hunt. It's always: What's out there? What can be found? So hopefully, people will see this and dig through their basement and give us a call," said Ryan.

    The Lehmkuhl brothers run the website If you have toys or Kenner history you'd like sell, Sean can be reached at 513-500-4209.

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