Cincinnati business starts on-demand transportation

Cincinnati business starts on-demand transportation (WKRC)

A new local business is providing rides on demand.

It's kind of like Uber, but different. The service is kid and elderly friendly. It’s called 2 Placez and it just started in Cincinnati in July.

Lois is a busy lady. She lives with her adult daughter in Mason and is a regular at the community center.

"I get picked up at 9:30 in the morning. I go to the community center. I do two water aerobics classes. I have lunch with my swimming buddies. I play cards in the afternoon. The service then picks me up at 4pm to bring me home."

Without the rides she'd be sitting at home. Her daughter, LeaAnn, sets up the 2 Placez service with a phone call or on-line. She usually schedules a month at a time. LeaAnn says working full time, she needs a service she can trust.

“The flyer was provided and I looked into it, this worked about perfectly. Mom was apprehensive at first so we did a trial run her car is still sitting in garage. But this has worked out so well we are talking about how we want to sell her car."

2 Placez says they make sure the vehicles are looked at by a certified technician. The drivers background is cleared through an electronic fingerprint scan. The company also has two separate insurance policies.

Making a stop for food, or to pick-up something is another feature to 2 Placez. Jeremiah is a sixth grader at Fairfield and gets rides to and from school a few days a week. His mom works, so she set-up the rides.

It’s a service Jeremiah says he enjoys, “He comes to get me two times a week. It's fun when he picks me up because we stay active. We are always talking or having a conversation."

Greg Herkins is a driver and takes pride in his job, “It's a lot of trust, as far as responsibility goes you have someone's child in your hands. I treat them like they are my own."

The cost for the ride is one dollar per minute. Users have a credit card on file and won't be charged until after the ride is done. Whoever books the rides can track the driver's route on the 2 Placez app. There’s even get a confirmation selfie photo of the passenger sent to you at every pick up and drop off location.

CLICK HERE for the website.

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