Cincinnati firefighters have a message to save lives: Close the door

    Cincinnati Fire Department says the message to "close the door" should be as important as "stop, drop and roll" (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Stop drop and roll. Students learn it in school but what about closing the door during a fire?

    The Cincinnati Fire Department says that one simple thing can save lives.

    Closing a door during a fire is something people just don't think about. One of the Cincinnati assistant fire chiefs says just like stop drop and roll, everyone needs to know it.

    Assistant Chief Sherman Smith showed his summer cadet class a a demonstration to show how fire spreads in a house. "Moved from the first floor to the second floor."

    He wants to reach as many people as possible. "So the message we want the public to understand is simply, if they close the door before they leave the apartment while they're calling 911, it helps us protect the people on the second floor."

    An idea so simple. Closing your door during a fire. That could save lives.

    "The fire extended and used the stairwell as a chimney to where it could find an opening and it happened on the third floor." Sherman explains the cause of the fire at Kings Run Drive back in June. Two people were killed in that fire.

    Going forward he's spreading the message about closing doors, hoping it will save a life. "It's an education piece just simply closing that door adds value."

    Value that isn't wasted on Zoe Waddle, a Walnut Hills High School student. "It would save so many lives."

    This is the second time Waddle has participated as a fire cadet. This time around, seeing the demonstration and how fire education can save lives, she's made up her mind on her own future. She wants to become a firefighter. "Just being there being able to help and save lives is alluring to me."

    The Cincinnati Fire Department is researching ways it can get a city ordinance passed to make sure apartment complexes and other multi-dwelling homes automatically have doors that close.

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