City council candidates sit down and "speed date" with voters

City council candidates sit down and "speed date" with voters (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Election Day is a month away and 23 people are vying for nine seats on Cincinnati City Council.

It’s a long list of six incumbents and 17 new comers.

In Westwood, voters got the chance to sit down with nearly all of the candidates having one on one conversations in a speed dating type atmosphere.

“We are tired of, you know, stand there and they give the two minute speech and you don’t get the opportunity to interact,” said John Eby of Westwood Works.

The candidates spent five minutes at each table discussing issues with residents before moving to the next table.

“I love this idea, the way it is setup , it’s a real intimate event. I’ve gotten to talk to some candidates one on one about things that are important to me,” said Nikki Mayhew.

It’s certainly unconventional, but Mayhew isn’t alone in appreciation of this format.

“It gives people in the community a chance to sit down and ask the questions themselves,” said Geneva Clark. “It gives the candidates a chance to be on their toes and have the platforms ready to tell the people why they should vote for them. I think it’s awesome.”

Much like the issues at hand in the mayoral race, transportation, poverty, and jobs were issues of concern.

For Catherine Ross, the Western Hills Viaduct is a concern for many Westwood residents. Elected city leaders to work with county leaders is of a top priority.

"They just need to work very closely with the county so that a united front is given when grants are applied for, when they talk to the state, talk to the feds about funding it,” said Ross.

If you live in Ohio and you aren’t registered to vote you have until the end of the day on October 10th, 2017 to get that done at your local county board of elections. Early voting starts Wednesday October 11th. There are no elections this November in Northern Kentucky or Southeast Indiana.

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