City delays evicting downtown homeless camp

The debate over forced evictions at a downtown homeless camp took over City Hall Thursday. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The debate over forced evictions at a downtown homeless camp took over City Hall Thursday.

City leaders reached a compromise Thursday afternoon, which will delay those evictions at the camp under the bridge at Third and Plum streets.

On Monday, acting city manager Patrick Duhaney ordered the site be evicted and sanitized after concerns over a hepatitis outbreak. The people living in the camp were given 72 hours to gather their belongings and move. Anything left after 6 a.m. Friday would be thrown away. On Thursday, city leaders decided to extend that deadline until Wednesday, July 25.

About 50 people live in this camp. Sanitation conditions aren't good, with food and garbage littering the space and concerns over the hepatitis outbreak and drug abuse.

This extended order for eviction also includes another homeless camp that stretches down Third Street, which is much more visible.

As part of the compromise, the city in bringing in portable toilets and dumpsters. The hope is that starting early next week, they can find short-term housing solutions so those staying in the camp have somewhere to stay.



CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Thanks to the extensions granted by the city, the homeless camp downtown will now be moving out a day earlier than anticipated.

The camp will be moving out Tuesday morning around 6 a.m. The extensions helped them out so much they hope moving out a day early will be a way to show their gratitude.

There are about 20 people from camp who will still be homeless.

Acting city manager, Patrick Duhaney, has approved for the remaining people to relocate to an unspecified location on the East side of the city, away from the Central Business District.

Maslow's Army continues to work closely with the city and appreciates all of the help with the matter.

They have received about $90 in donations so far but are pleading for people to come to help with moving trucks.

They want to offer dignity for the people moving out and don't want them to have to drag their tents through the city.

People can call to set up a meeting spot or can donate through Paypal on the Maslow's Army website.

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