Cops looking into possible connection of multiple bank robberies

Cops looking into possible connection of multiple bank robberies (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There have been four bank robberies over the past few weeks in the local area.

The latest was on Monday afternoon around the corner from Hyde Park Square.

Police are looking into whether some of them are connected.

Detectives with the financial crimes squad spent an hour or so there on Monday night gathering evidence hoping to get some clues as to who the bank robber is.

The man police say robbed Mainsource Bank on Monday afternoon is a white male who police believe is 35-40 years old. He has blonde hair and was wearing a black shirt with gold writing and a white ball cap with a black triangle and blue jeans.

He didn't show a gun, but police say he implied he had one to the teller in a note and made off with undetermined amount of cash.

The images aren't exactly crystal clear, but police are trying to figure out if the suspect is related to other robberies.

Police believe the man recently pulled off two other bank robberies. The first was the US Bank on Glenway two weeks ago and the second was the Union Savings Bank on Kenwood Road last week.

During the robbery, the suspect passed a note demanding money and warning he had a gun but never showed it.

In the three robberies, the man doesn't really cover his face and in all three the suspect is wearing a ball cap.

The images seem to show a different guy in the robberies, but police want to be sure.

Again, police don't know yet if the same guy is behind all three bank robberies, but they did say bank robberies are on the rise.

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