FBI and CPD ask for help in investigating a hate crime in Sayler Park

An SUV in Sayler Park was vandalized with a swastika and anti-Muslim graffiti painted on it. (FBI/CPD)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - An anti-muslim hate crime is being investigated in Sayler Park and both police and the FBI are asking your help in finding whoever did it.

Surveillance video shows someone vandalizing a vehicle that is owned by a person of Middle Eastern descent.

Tires were slashed, windows were smashed and graffiti saying, “go home” and “Muslim terrorist” and “Trump America” was painted on the sides, along with a swastika.

It happened in a parking lot off Gracely Drive in Sayler Park last May 4th around 4:30 a.m.

The FBI and Cincinnati Police have been working the case ...But felt this was now the time to go public and ask for help:

“A lot of times folks say they know a little something, but assume the police or FBI know what they have. That's not true. When in doubt, call us,” said Cincinnati Police Assistant Chief Dave Bailey.

There have been similar incidents locally in the past year, a swastika painted at Hebrew Union College, another swastika and racist graffiti at Withrow High School. There was even surveillance video at Withrow, just as there is surveillance video from Sayler Park.

“We have no indication that they're connected. We do think there's an awareness of hate crimes that may not have existed previously,” said Angela Byers, the FBI Agent-in-Charge.

The city's human relations director says for whatever reason, the area is either seeing more people espousing hate or the same people who always did it doing it louder and more often.

“My first reaction was it's unbelievable, but the more I think about it it's really not unbelievable because of what we've been seeing. It just makes me concerned for the individual it happened to, not just because of the physical damage but because of the emotional damage and the scars that remain after that,” said Paul Booth, City Human Relations Director.

The name of the victim, who is the owner of the vandalized vehicle, is not being released in order to protect his or her identity. The specific address of the crime is also not being released for the same reason.

A reward of up to $3,000 has been offered for information directly leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call (513) 979-8333 or send it through tips.fbi.gov.

In addition, the Council on Islamic-American relations is offering another $1,000.

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