CPD offering free active shooter training sessions for downtown businesses

CPD offering free active shooter training sessions for downtown businesses (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It can happen anywhere. That's what everyone is learning about active shooter tragedies.

Whether the active shooter is at a church, a concert, or a business, more police agencies are teaching the public how to respond.

Captain Michael Neville with the Cincinnati Police Department is in charge of Cincinnati’s Central Business District. The police department is offering active shooter/ hostile event training.

"This came from our academy. I'm working in collaboration with our academy commander who is and has other experts around him. So, he's actually bringing his in-house experts, some of them are SWAT team members," said Captain Neville.

Neville periodically conducts safety sessions for downtown businesses, but the officers will now go to the companies and conduct free sessions at the downtown businesses.

“One of the things we need to know, if it's a multilevel building is what floor because we need to get to the shooter and those are the little things that we will teach you,” Neville said.

Robert Shelton is a Cincinnati firefighter and paramedic. His private company, Life-Line Solutions, offers safety training.

“There are some very basic principals in active shooter hostile event training. It's run, hide, and fight,” Shelton said. “I think what the general public is thinking is well it will never happen here. It won't happen to me, but if you think back to the San Bernardino, that occurred at the shooter’s place of work.”

Shelton says all businesses should have an emergency action plan. The police department is doing what it can to help downtown businesses prepare in case of an emergency.

Capt. Neville said, “It's an outreach because we care and we want people to be put at ease.”

Any downtown Cincinnati businesses interested in the training may contact Captain Neville via email at michael.neville@cincinnati-oh.gov

Life-Line Solutions is a private company which offers training.

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