CPD Sergeant Thomas Reid Jr. retires after 45 years

CPD Sergeant Reid retires after 45 years (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - After 45 years, a Cincinnati Police Officer worked his final day.

The sergeant retires as the most senior employee in the entire department.

The morning routine was broken up by laughter on a longtime sergeant's last day.

Thomas Reid Jr. already turned in his uniform and badge.

"Well this day is a day of relief [laughs],” said Reid.

Relief at reaching the end of a 45-year career as a Cincinnati Police Officer.

Reid started back in 1972 when he was 21-years-old and fresh out of Vietnam. At 66, he's ready for a break.

"Bad back problem right now, so just get use to not carrying around 22 more pounds on me. I'm just going to say: Chill out,” said Reid.

Sgt. Reid said his worst moment was also his most memorable one. At District 2 there's a plaque on the wall to remember Sonny Kim. Sgt. Reid was in charge the day he died.

"He told me, he said, ‘Sgt. meet me at Madison Bowl they are giving away free pancakes with your breakfast’… 12 minutes later I'm holding his IV as two Cincinnati Firefighters are sweating blood trying to keep him alive,” said Reid.

It's those tough moments and the good ones that make his career so remarkable.

"Our pension you can retire after 25 years. So, he stayed another 20 years that he didn't have to, because he likes it here,” said CPD Captain James Gramke.

And after a handshake from the chief at another ceremony, Sgt. Reid is ready to begin his next chapter of life. Though his "cop" instincts won't change.

"Vigilance sometimes, but other than that, fade into the sunset,” said Reid.

Reid has this advice to new officers: Respect others and don't take the job home with you.

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