Deborah Dixon retires after 44 years at Local 12

Deborah Dixon retires after 44 years of reporting at Local 12 (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - For 44- years, she's helped many families find justice and peace by telling stories and digging for the truth. Sadly, May 31 was Deborah Dixon's last day on the job here at Local 12.

From getting a confession from serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, to covering the murder of Carrie Culberson whose body has never been found and the conviction of her boyfriend Vince Doan, to the DIPG diagnoses and death of 8-year-old Kyler Bradley, Deb has told the Tri-State stories that need to be told.

Deb brought Crimestoppers to Cincinnati, which she said no one wanted. At the time, police didn't want to work with the media. Where the program has failed in other cities, it's thrived in Cincinnati and Deb credits the people for keeping it going.

John Lomax said Deb has lasted at Local 12 seven times longer than his first marriage.

While talking about all the crime stories she's covered and the victims and their families she's interviewed, Deb said that she's the lucky one for getting to walk in their shoes.

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