Detective testifies about phone records, Facebook messages in murder and arson trial

Lead detective testifies about phone records and Facebook messages in the trial of Lester Parker and Billy Tucker (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - The lead investigator in the case of two men charged with the death of firefighter Patrick Wolterman returned to the stand Tuesday. Hamilton Detective Matt Fishwick testified in the trial of Lester Parker and Billy Tucker.

Detective Fishwick told jurors that he looked into what he called Parker's suspicious phone activity. Parker allegedly had Tucker, his nephew, burn down his house for the insurance money.

Calls were made before and after the fire from Parker's phone and an unknown number to Billy Tucker's cell and a pay phone, according to Detective Fishwick.

Billy Tucker's Facebook messages were also put up for jurors to see. In one message, Tucker said he needs a ride because he "has something very important to take care of." He said he was willing to pay. Another message from Tucker to a former girlfriend said he was "done with the job".

Detective Fishwick then showed surveillance video of the car that brought Tucker to Hamilton from Kentucky on the evening of the fire.

Both Parker and Tucker have pleaded not guilty to arson and murder charges.

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