Dog killed by other dog while on walk in the East End

A Cincinnati Police report said a pit bull is now considered dangerous after killing a Maltese-Shitzhu mix named Duke while Duke was on a walk in the East End. (Lauryn Inman)

EAST END, Ohio (WKRC) - A Cincinnati Police report said a pit bull named Boss is now considered dangerous after killing a Maltese-Shitzhu mix named Duke.

Boss is on a 10-day quarantine, but it's Duke's family and neighbors that say something else needs to be done.

Twelve-year-old Duke really was Lauryn Inman's best friend.

"He was my service dog, so we went everywhere together," said Inman.

Monday night, Inman and her mother took Duke and their other dog, Brent, for a walk. Just after 9, a dog police describe as a pit bull came charging across Riverside Drive.

"He had a hold of our little dog before I even had five seconds to realize he was there," said Inman.

Inman dove on top of that dog to protect her pet and she was bitten. When the dog let go, Duke was dead.

"A dog that was no longer with us. It was pretty bloody," said neighbor Brendan McAndrews, who witnessed the attack.

Neighbors say they have seen this dog attack before.

"Today, I picked up a couple things of mace to put on the leash, so that way you know if a dog comes out that way, you have to do what you have to do," McAndrews said.

There is no pit bull ordinance in the city. Inman said she does not think it's a matter of his breed, but his owners.

"I think at this point that the dog needs to be put down, unfortunately. I mean, I'm very against that, but it could have been a child; it could have been anything. I mean, it could have been both of my dogs. It could have been one of us," said Inman.

Now, instead of their routine walk, Inman is looking for closure, and she's hugging Brent a little closer.

"We're getting him an urn and everything, and I have his paw prints taken and a lot of cute pictures of him," Inman said.

Police said they know who the dog's owners are and they are facing potential charges for failure to control and because the dog wasn't wearing a license. The SPCA is investigating.

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