"Dreamer" says "no" to wall funding tied to DACA deal

 "Dreamer" says "no" to wall funding tied to DACA deal (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - President Trump reiterated his demand that a deal for "dreamers" be tied to funding for a border wall and an increase in ICE agents. The Dept. of Homeland Security sent a memo to some senators late last week that stated $18 billion was needed to build portions of the wall along the border with Mexico.

"We want the wall. The wall's going to happen or we're not going to have DACA," President Trump said over the weekend at Camp David.

But Jose Cabrera, a student at Xavier University who is also a DACA recipient, says dreamers want a "clean" Dream Act that does not including funding for the wall.

"A lot of the DACA recipients are starting to feel like a pawn in this whole political arena and we've been a pawn for a very long time and it's not just for the Democrats it's also for the Republicans," Cabrera said Monday.

Cabrera said Democrats could have done something for DACA recipients under the Obama Administration when Democrats controlled Congress. Cabrera said he believes Democrats have used dreamers to get support from Latino voters. He said dreamers don't support increases in funding for ICE agents because it could impact their parents.

"They will stay undocumented while we have documentation and as more funding goes to ICE the probability of them getting detained goes up," Cabrera said.

President Trump announced the end of DACA - the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - in September. DACA was created through an executive order by President Obama. Many legal experts believed the order was unconstitutional. Some Democrats believe forcing a government shutdown could be a way to strike a deal with dreamers.

"So what we have got to do, it seems to me, is to pass the Dreamer's legislation, which protects and provides legal status to these young people. Later on, we have to work for comprehensive immigration reform," said Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) in an interview Sunday.

Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R) represents Ohio's 2nd congressional district. He issued the following statement to Local 12 News Monday:

Any potential DACA deal must address how we intend to prevent this situation from happening to another generation of children. My grandfather came to the US through Ellis Island, became a citizen, and was proud to be a part of this great and diverse nation. Two of my interpreters from Iraq are now working physicians and US citizens. We need immigration, and we need good American citizens, those two needs go hand-in-hand. DACA, President Obama’s executive order, did not provide a long-term solution for children brought into this country by their parents. Even the act’s strongest proponents admit that it is constitutionally weak and was likely to get defeated in court. Border security is an inextricable part of strong, legal immigration. It is crucial to stemming the flow of drugs into our communities, controlling potential health epidemics, and securing our nation against those who wish us harm. President Trump was right to call for DACA to be addressed in tandem with necessary border security fixes.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are scheduled to meet at the White House on Tuesday to discuss a possible deal on DACA.

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