Drivers call for changes at Eastgate area interchange

    New SR 32 and I-275 interchange has seen a spike in accidents (WKRC)

    UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - A new interchange on State Route 32 at I-275 in Union Township in Clermont County is the subject of ridicule from local law enforcement agencies, as well as drivers who frequently travel through the area.

    Since the new configuration was implemented in the fall of 2016, the Union Township Fire Department has responded to 130 crashes involving injuries. That includes two fatal accidents which happened in December of 2018, just two weeks, and roughly 15 feet apart.

    “I wouldn’t expect to see that number of injury auto accidents in a career at any one intersection, let alone in a two year span.” says Union Township Fire Chief Stan Deimling. “It’s just an unacceptable amount of carnage on State Route 32.”

    Drivers say a combination of speed, a confusing configuration, and an additional stoplight has made the quarter mile stretch of road especially treacherous.

    “People don’t know where they’re going, and they hit their brakes, and you hit your brakes, and too much is happening,” said Reba Worthington.

    “They’re entering and exiting the same spot. I mean, as you’re trying to get onto 275 northbound and people are trying to get on and off," said Sabrina Antony. "It’s just so confusing.”

    Deimling freely admits he doesn’t have the answers, but he also says the drastic spike in crashes is proof that change is needed.

    “What needs to happen? Is it a speed issue? Is it a signage issue? Is it a flashing lights issue? What kind of education can we do to curb this destruction that’s going on in that stretch of the road?”

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