Dutch film crew highlights how CPD combats crime, gun violence

Dutch film crew highlights how CPD combats crime, gun violence (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Cincinnati Police have some extra eyes and ears with them this week.

A Dutch film crew is spending time with the department.

In recent years in the Queen City, there has been a downturn in gun violence. Officers use a holistic approach, using community partnerships to get weapons off the streets.

"It's not just police dealing with this issue, it's a community issue and we're doing it as a team. The more we do to combat gun violence to bring those numbers down, the safer our communities become,” said Cincinnati Police Lt. Steve Saunders.

A Dutch film crew has taken notice.

"Our show ‘Trippers’ is about showing what's out there. The reality that a lot of people across the globe live in,” said Dutch TV Host Maurece Lede. "It's fascinating and very interesting to see what American society is with their gun laws. I think we got a real clear view of what we might see as a problem and, it's very interesting what the thoughts of people here are.”

Gun violence is an issue Cincinnati Police have made a point to take on. The film crew is here to see what the Queen City does differently.

Filming started on Tuesday and continued Wednesday morning.

The film crew spent the morning interviewing community activists at the Police Academy and then real life came into play, a search warrant in Walnut Hills led to a chase.

The warrant served by the gang unit at a house on Hemlock Street ended exactly the way the crew and police wanted, with drugs and a 9mm handgun off the streets.

Lt. Steve Saunders says it shows the department is being proactive in its approach.

"We are investigating complaints and drug activity. They got to see that firsthand. They got to see an arrest and that we are holding people accountable for harming our community,” said Lt. Saunders.

On Wednesday afternoon, the film crew is meeting with an ex-gang member who is working in the community to stop the violence.

Next up, they'll head to Columbus to get another point of view.

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