Educators, law enforcement discuss arming teachers in NKY

Educators and law enforcement officials discussed arming teachers in Northern Kentucky on Monday. (WKRC)

BURLINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - Since 17 people were murdered inside a Florida high school by a shooter, the nation has been debating how to stop a mass shooting.

Prevention ideas have included arming teachers.

That was the topic of discussion on Monday night in Northern Kentucky.

Sheriffs on both sides of the river are supporting arming teachers and staff at local schools.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones recently put the call out on social media to train educators.

Rick Moore, an aide at Edgewood Middle School in Trenton, went through Jones' training.

"Do I want a bunch of people carrying guns around the school? No," Moore said. "But, I think that there's a way to have certified people that are qualified. If that's me, great. If not, that's fine too. But a way to make sure that our schools are hard targets."

Both Kenton and Boone County Sheriff's came to a meeting on Monday night to support a program for Northern Kentucky schools.

A program known as POST, or Protecting Our Students and Teachers, trains participants for five and a half days and they would have to re-qualify every six months.

"We know in these mass shootings, minutes mean lives," said #. "I think if we have trained, armed staff in the schools we have a better chance of stopping the threat."

Most at the meeting wanted the Boone County school board to consider arming the staff and consider training with POST, but not everyone feels it's the best option for their kids.

"I have four kids so I know what that's like, I want my kids to be safe at school," said #. "But, right now, adding more guns to the situation with someone who just wants to volunteer to do it is just not enough."

There's a Boone County school board meeting on Thursday and many of the same parents, teachers and staff who were at Monday's meeting will be there to make sure their voices are heard in front of the school board.

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