Election Day: Cincinnatians to vote for mayor

Cincinnatians to choose between incumbent John Cranley and Yvette Simpson for mayor (WKRC)

HYDE PARK, Ohio (WKRC) - It's election day in Ohio and several important races will be decided on the local level.

Not only is this an off-year, meaning a non-presidential year, but you might even call it an off-off year because it's also an odd numbered year. That means we're basically only dealing with races on the local level. Perhaps the biggest race in the city of Cincinnati is for the seat of mayor.

The field was whittled down to two candidates in the May primary, both of whom are running as Democrats.

They are incumbent Mayor John Cranley and his challenger Cincinnati City Council member Yvette Simpson.

Simpson came out on top in that primary. Since then, we've seen both candidates approach their campaigns with extreme focus and dedication. They've been making phone calls, they've been out in the community and of course, they've been running television ads.

"Oh yeah. It's been a very humbling, the primary was a very humbling experience," said Cranley. "We have been shoe leather and door knocking all the way through. Look, this is our city too. I care deeply about our future, and I'm confident I can deliver as I have been delivering as we take this city in the right direction."

Simpson has been making several appearances around town, including at the Cavalry Episcopal Church on Clifton Avenue. "A lot of people, we had a couple undecided people we were able to convince at the polling locations, so that's always good and that's why we're out here because you never know what people are going to decide. If you can get that last moment with that voter before they go in it's a win."

Voters will also choose Cincinnati City Council members. Twenty-three candidates are running for nine seats. Council members are all elected at large, that means that they all run citywide. The nine who get the most votes are elected.

Only six incumbents are running which means at least three people will be elected for the first time.

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