Family offers $50,000 reward in Indiana man's murder

    Family offers $50,000 reward in Indiana man's murder (WKRC)

    HIDDEN VALLEY, Ind. (WKRC) - Evidence in the murder of Tom Biedenharn suggests more than one person was involved in his death, Indiana State Police said Tuesday. The revelation comes as Biedenharn's family renewed its plea for information in the case by putting up a $50,000 reward.

    Biedenharn was found murdered in his home in Hidden Valley, Indiana on May 28 which was Memorial Day afternoon. Biedenharn, 73, spent his retirement helping people. He volunteered for several years at the Grateful Life Center in Erlanger, Kentucky. The center is a rehabilitation facility for drug addicts. He and Doug Boschert taught life skills classes in finance and communications to recovering addicts.

    "It was just part of who he was to go and help people," Boschert said Tuesday. "Once somebody graduated program, he'd invite them over if they needed to make a little extra money and they might paint at the house or do some landscaping or help them out . So he helped out a lot of individuals that came out of Grateful Life as well as other challenging situations."

    Boschert said Biederharn also did work with members of the Amish community in Indiana and stayed in touch with death row inmates. It's difficult for Boschert and anyone else who knew Biedenharn to understand why anyone would hurt him.

    Biedenharn was a dog lover who was working to create a dog park in Lauren Hill's name near Lawrenceburg. He also helped create Kenton County's dog park.

    "Whoever did this definitely cut a life short that was doing a lot of good," Boschert said.

    In an effort to find the killers, Biedenharn's family offered a $50,000 reward last month.

    "It's obviously somebody that's cold-hearted that could murder somebody that seemingly helped anyone that needed it," said Sgt. Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police. "I don’t want the public to think that we’ve moved on to other things. This is definitely a very active investigation. We have numerous detectives that are actively pursuing into leads."

    Sgt. Wheeles wouldn't discuss specific evidence in the case but he said it points to more than one person being involved.

    Biedenharn was 6'8" and weighed nearly 300 pounds - making him someone who was not easily subdued. Boschert described him as a big man with a big personality and even bigger heart. He and his family and friends hope the reward money entices someone to come forward.

    "I fear that ultimately somebody took advantage that he had helped out in the past which is unfortunate because he was the kind of guy that just every day thought about how he could make a difference," Boschert said.

    Indiana State Police are waiting for results from the crime lab on the evidence seized from Biedenharn's home. They are also looking for an electric blue pickup truck that was seen at Biedenharn's home around the time of the murder. Neighbors said they had seen the truck on the street before and after the murder.

    Anyone with information about Biedenharn's murder can call Indiana State Police's tip line at 1.877.477.1847

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