Father reacts to daughter's horrific murder in Fairfield

Father reacts to daughter's horrific murder in Fairfield (WKRC)

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) - The father of a woman murdered by her boyfriend says he's going to become an aggressive advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Michelle Henry was stabbed 53 times at a townhome in Fairfield last month. Her boyfriend, Logan Williamson, was shot and killed by a Fairfield Police officer during the attack.

The two had a history, and it wasn't always peaceful.

When Michelle Henry called 911 on June 22nd, she screamed for help. When police arrived at a townhome on Gelhot Drive in Fairfield, they had to force their way inside. They heard screams coming from an upstairs bathroom.

In an exclusive interview with Local 12 News, Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser said Officer Bryan Carnes had to react quickly.

"Officer Carnes kicked in the door at the very moment at the very moment when Williamson was thrusting downward with an additional ... knife strike."said Gmoser.

Logan Williamson was shot and killed. Michelle Henry died as a result of being stabbed 53 times.

"I knew it was horrific and it was terrible but I didn't know how terrible," said Henry’s father, Raymond Miller.

He says his daughter spoke often about the threats Williamson made against her. Miller says she even gave her best friend a key to the townhome.

"If something were to happen to her that she has a key to the condo and that Logan should be the first person to be looked at if she's dead," he said.

Miller says his daughter never filed for a protection order, but told him days before she died that she was going to leave Williamson.

Michelle Henry's story is sadly common. That's what her father heard from victims of domestic violence from all over the country.

"I've had people at the funeral home talking in my ear while we were visiting the casket. They would tell me their story in my ear at the funeral home there are so many people, co-workers, former co-workers that I’ve worked with that I didn’t realize I’ve had three approach me with their domestic violence situations"

Miller says he will now be an advocate for victims. He says many, like his daughter, think a violent partner can change or they're too afraid to say something. He says there is a way out.

"I've buried a mother, I've buried a father and I’ve buried a sister and I can tell you there is no pain compared to burying your daughter or your child. It’s horrific and no parent should have to do this, " he said.

Michelle Henry was the mother of three teenage children. Her father says she did not have insurance.

To offset expenses, a benefit will be held August 11th at Legends Bar in Hamilton.

A GoFundMe page and an account with Fifth Third Bank are also set up in her name.

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