FC Cincinnati proposes land swap to CPS to build stadium in West End

FC Cincinnati proposes land swap to CPS to build stadium in West End (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Two stadiums for the price of none is the pitch from FC Cincinnati President Jeff Berding.

Berding laid out the club’s vision to build a stadium for FC Cincinnati at the current site of Stargel Stadium and build a brand new Stargel Stadium just a block away.

Stargel is a home field for six Cincinnati Public Schools in sports of football and track. In total, 20 teams use the facility.

"Consider the possibility we could build a bigger improved Stargel Stadium that would be the best high school stadium in the district, maybe the state,” said Berding.

Berding says they would build the stadium on land where Drees Homes had planned to build a Citirama. FC Cincinnati recently got permission from the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority gave the organization the option to buy the land.

No vote was taken by the board but they are the only body that can vote on the matter.

“This matter, first of all, should be decided by a supermajority of residents that either live, own or rent property in the west end community,” said Ohio State Senator Cecil Thomas.

A total of 46 people at the meeting signed up to speak, most of them against the idea of FC Cincinnati putting a stadium up anymore in the West End.

“As a taxpayer and employee for Cincinnati public schools I hope the board will not be bullied into accepting a bad deal and engage in corporate welfare for millionaires,” said one man.

Berding will speak at the West End Community Council meeting next week.

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