FDA: Eliminate artificial trans fats by 2018

CINCINNATI (Angentte Levy) -- Food manufacturers must remove all artificial trans fats from foods by 2018 in an effort to reduce heart problems, the FDA said Tuesday, June 16. Trans fats are partially hydrogenated oils. They're inexpensive and extend shelf life. Most processed foods contain some amount of trans fats. "I look to buy products that don't have trans fats because I know that they're not healthy for me and for my family," said Kimberly Persiani of Montgomery. Persiani said she believes people should be able to make their own decisions about eating trans fats.Health officials applauded the FDA ruling. They say trans fats can contribute to heart attacks and strokes."Trans fats are known to be linked to increased body weight and heart disease. And it increases your LDL levels, your bad cholesterol levels. And it increases your HDL levels," said Karolin Saweres, a registered dietitian with Tri-Health. HDL is the good cholesterol in your body. While Saweres said removing trans fats is great for your health, it will change the way some food tastes."Trans fats do add a flavor to the food and makes it taste good." Manufacturers have had to list trans fats on packaging since 2006. Some have actually reduced or removed it from food voluntarily. "I eat natural foods. Vegetables, meats. And processed foods, my wife will kill me if I have it at home," said Charleston Wang. Saweres urges people to read ingredient labels to look for partially hydrogenated oils. The FDA allows companies to list products with one-half gram or less of trans fat per serving as having 0 grams of trans fat. CLICK HERE to read more about trans fats and how to avoid them.

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