Federal agencies raid NKY pain clinic

    Federal agencies raid NKY pain clinic

    CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. (WKRC)- Federal agents spent most of Wednesday inside a Northern Kentucky pain medicine clinic.

    The FBI said it along with Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General and other agencies were conducting a “judicially authorized” activity at Interventional Pain Specialists. Several agents brought out at least half a dozen cardboard boxes and loaded them into two cars. It looked like it was mainly paperwork and files.

    Agents went from office to office in the pain clinic. A few came out with sealed envelopes.

    Patients continued to show up throughout the day but were turned away with no answers as to why the clinic was closed. Local 12 talked with several patients about the clinic. Most said they are happy with the way they have been treated.

    One man said his son was inside when the agents showed up Wednesday morning. He said his son told him there were more than a dozen agents who came in and the agents told everyone who didn’t work at the clinic that they had to leave.

    Other patients say they got a phone call saying their appointment had been canceled.

    “I thought maybe it was closed due to rain or flooding...but this is really shocking. [The clinic said] that they would call me back this afternoon. I haven’t had any calls, so I came here to see what was going on,” said patient Terry Collins.

    Another patient said the clinic told him to call back Thursday and see about rescheduling, but others have said no one answered when they called.

    For some, it leaves them without their medicine. One patient might have to go to the emergency room to try and get medicine until they can get a new prescription.

    Local 12 was told no one could give out any information.

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