Filing asks judge not to dismiss school board suit in 8-year-old's suicide case

Filing asks judge not to dismiss school board suit in 8-year-old's suicide case (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Urging the Cincinnati School Board to solve what they claim is an epidemic of bullying and suicides, attorneys for Gabe Taye's family hits back at Cincinnati Public Schools.

The school board is trying to get a suit by Gabe's family thrown out of court. The suit alleges a coverup of the climate at Carson Elementary School that led to the 8-year-old's suicide.

Cincinnati Public says it's not responsible for Gabe Taye's tragic death and asks that the claim be dismissed. There is now a response to that motion from by Gabe's family that asks a federal judge to let the case go forward.

"To find out what the schools been covering up all this time and hold the school accountable,” said Jennifer Branch, an attorney.

The family suit is all about a coverup, alleging ongoing violence toward Gabe at Carson Elementary that got worse in his third year.

"Most importantly, covered up the fact he was attacked in the bathroom and left unconscious for seven minutes,” said Branch.

Branch says the security video shows Gabe being knocked down in the bathroom and left unconscious as students step over and kick him.

Gabe's mother was told he fainted and that's what she told doctors at Children’s Hospital that night where she took him because he was throwing up.

"If she added he was unconscious seven minutes… the assessment… totally different… classic signs of brain injury,” said Branch.

Gabe's mother said if she had known what happened she would have removed him from Carson Elementary.

"He would have stayed home, transferred him to different school, if I had known what was going on at Carson it could have been prevented," said Gabe’s mother Cornelia Reynolds.

Gabe stayed home the day after going to the hospital, but he went back to school the day after that.

He came home that day and took his own life by hanging.

The filing calls says that instead of fighting the family's claim, the school board should be honest and transparent and help solve the epidemic of bullying.

The case is pending in US District Court.

A decision whether to dismiss the case is not expected for several months

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