Freshman overcomes adversity, proves he belongs on Winton Woods track team

Freshman overcomes adversity, proves he belongs on Winton Woods track team (WKRC)

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) - With only a few days left in the regular season, the Winton Woods Track Team is running up and down the big hill at Harbin Park.

For some of the seniors on the team, it really is just a matter of days before they hang up their cleats on a high school career.

“We are a family, we stick together, help each other. We don’t leave each other out hanging if we need anything. We can go to our teammates and know they’ll be there for us,” said Zaniah Davis.

Davis is a senior, as is her fellow teammate Mark Davis.

“We all do different sports. Some of us do volleyball, some do football, some do track, some do cross country. All together, we call come together and have one specific goal and that’s to go to state and win track meets and be a family,” said Mark Davis.

In the mix, a 15-year-old freshman who never quits.

Da’Lohn Brown was born at 23 weeks, that’s four months premature.

He wasn’t given much of chance to make it. He has autism, has vision impairment in his right eye and suffers from intestinal problems. However, he doesn’t let any of that stop him.

“I just like running track, I like to pick a few sports I’m good at,” said Brown. “I run the 200, the 400 and 800-meter dash,” said Brown.

Brown’s will to succeed is something that his teammates say is inspiring.

"He is a fighter. He surprises everybody when that gun goes off to start that race, you'll see him and he'll be gone. he'll be at the finish line before you know it. he is such a cool guy,” said Mark Davis.

The final regular season meet is Thursday, May 3rd at La Salle High School.

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