Float Loft therapy a healthy holiday gift

Tao Float Loft therapy a healthy holiday gift (WKRC)

A new type of therapy is giving people an alternative to medications for everything from chronic pain to depression.

It's called "floating." The Tao Float Loft in West Chester was one of the hottest healthy holiday gifts in 2015. A session or two of salt water float therapy might be just what the doctor ordered for those who were looking for a unique therapy that some say was like a personal Dead Sea session.

Dylan Brown of Tao Float Loft said, "We have two pods and one float room. Each of them are filled with 1,200 pounds of Epson salt. The water is skin temperature."

Brown opened the Floatation Therapy Center recently after he found floating a few days a week helped him battle depression, "I was tired of the traditional way of treating anxiety and depression so this was my avenue."

He said in just a short time he noticed a difference in his own moods and depression and made the decision to make it available to others Brown said each person feels something different but everyone feels something.

Jessika Evans floats for an hour or so every few weeks. A person's body is buoyant because of the Epson salts but there's also magnesium and other nutrients in the water. Evans said they seem to help balance her body.

Evans said, "It takes about two or three minutes and you can feel the tension in your body just go away."

Some of that benefit may be from what they called "isolating the senses." It's quiet inside which may quiet the mind and the body.

Holiday packages start at $99, some as low as $40 if people buy a package.

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