Following scandal, NKY prosecutor Linda Tally-Smith loses election

Following scandal, NKY prosecutor Linda Tally-Smith loses election (WKRC)

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - Despite calls for her resignation, Boone County Commonwealth's Attorney Linda Tally-Smith decided to run for reelection.

She lost the bid for Commonwealth's Attorney 54th Circuit (GOP) to Louis Kelly. At final count, Kelly had 7,092 votes to Tally-Smith's 3,293.

A growing choir of critics and colleagues said that she lost the public trust and had to go after her private computer files led to a judge wiping out a murder conviction.

Last year a judge overturned the conviction of David Dooley for the murder of Michelle Mockbee after a law clerk in prosecutor Linda Tally-Smith’s office found a trove of questionable material on an office computer.

Some of that material came to light during court hearings that led to Dooley’s new murder trial but most of it remained secret. That was until some of the material was shared with Local 12.

Local 12 made repeated requests to talk to Linda Tally Smith and Judge Jeff Smith. On Friday, May 18th, Linda Tally Smith agreed to talk. She would not comment on the Gattis case or anything on the thumb drive.

“We are all under an injunctive order that we are not allowed to talk about the contents of the materials that are on the flash drive,” said Tally-Smith.

Tally-Smith admitted she made a serious personal mistake but says she did not let that defeat her.

“I hate the fact that this has brought embarrassment to my county. I hate the fact that it’s brought embarrassment to my office. But to those people that say the public no longer trusts me, I would respond and say that I’ve still been in the office every day since September 2016 doing my job. It’s not impacted any other case than the one that it was directed at," said Tally-Smith.

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