FOP President Hils defends officers' response to Kyle Plush call

FOP President Hils defends officers' response to Kyle Plush call (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There is a new support on Thursday for the two police officers who responded to the call for help from Kyle Plush.

The teen died more than two weeks ago after getting trapped in his minivan. He never got the help he needed.

The head of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, Dan Hils, defended the responding officers, saying that they just didn’t have the right information at the time and that they would have done anything to help had they known what was really going on that night.

Officers Brian Brazile and Edsel Osborn went to Seven Hills School the day Kyle Plush called for help. They were there for about 11 minutes.

The officers body camera videos show a little more than three minutes of them driving around as they look for a van.

They were told a woman was calling, saying she was stuck in her van, possibly in the thrift store parking lot.

Officers Brazile and Osborn did not get information from the second call where Kyle Plush gave more detail about his van.

The 911 call taker said she couldn't hear him and that her computer crashed.

FOP President Dan Hils says the officers did what was reasonable with the information they had.

"Both Officer Brazile and Officer Osborn communicated that in their interview. They would have done anything if given the right information,” said FOP President Hils. “They would have broken any minivan window within a mile radius if that is what it would have taken if they would have known the actual life-threatening emergency that was going on. They did not."

Hils says the officers did not drive through the parking lot where Kyle's van was found.

He says they drove past it on Red Bank Road and there was a lot of activity in it so they thought if something was wrong someone would see it.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding the response to the incident.

It is not clear whether anyone will be disciplined.

Cincinnati’s budget and finance committee unanimously approved $454,000 in funding to hire staff and make improvements to the center in the hope of boosting morale among current employees.

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