Honoring Officer Woods: FOP president says much planning goes into officers' processions

Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Dan Hils says a lot of the planning for fallen officer funeral processions revolves around transporting the officer's body. (WKRC File)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - There are already signs of support for Colerain Township Officer Dale Woods all over.

Saturday, the public will have a chance to honor Woods at public ceremonies. The Cincinnati Police Department had to go through similar services with Officer Sonny Kim, who was shot and killed in 2015.

Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Dan Hils says a lot of the planning revolves around transporting the officer's body.

"One of the things you'll see is usually a procession that involves police cars from multiple, multiple jurisdictions from multiple states, and they'll all come together and be a part of taking the officer to his final resting place," Hils said. "It's just a huge, huge traffic operation because sometimes the police cars will literally go on for miles, and if you count police cars, you might end up counting police cars in the hundreds."

During Kim's ceremony, Hils chose his own assignment to help things run smoothly.

Hils said, "I decided I just wanted to take a traffic post, that's just what I wanted to do, and as he went up Montgomery Road, I just I blocked a side street, and I was in uniform, and I blocked a side street and I was able to stand there and salute."

Despite the weather, there will likely be a huge turnout for a man who died serving others. Hils says the show of support will help the family and the officers who lost a "brother in blue."

"Have your car there, stay warm until the procession comes to you, but when it comes to you...wear blue, wave a flag, stand there and put your hand over your heart," Hils said.

Saturday's visitation is at Colerain Township High School from noon until 4 p.m. Monday, there's a public service at the Cintas Center on Xavier University's campus. That starts at noon.

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