Former Brown County chief probation officer sentenced to jail time

Former Brown County chief probation officer Dale Anderson was sentenced to jail time on Friday. (WKRC)

BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - A one-time enforcer of the law in Brown County undermined it.

Now, former Brown County chief probation officer Dale Anderson will serve his time, but he doesn't seem to feel much remorse.

A lawyer with the attorney general's office read a victim impact letter from the woman who said Anderson was her probation officer when he took her to his home for sex then fixed her community service hours.

She was afraid to say no.

Anderson's attorney objected to the letter because Anderson plea bargained down from a charge that would have covered intercourse. The judge seemed puzzled.

Judge: "Even though the victim said intercourse, you're asking the court not to consider that?"

Attorney: "I'm asking the judge not to consider that."

Attorney William Rapp went on to explain everything Anderson has lost since he was charged: his job, friends, self-respect.

"I appreciate the extent of the argument," said Judge Brett Spencer. "But it seems odd he's now the victim."

Judge Spencer said there are many victims, including the people of Brown County because Anderson violated the trust of the judicial system.

"The Latin roots of probation is to reform. To supervise. To admonish when necessary," Spencer said. "Not to act like you have a hunting license in a zoo as you felt you did."

Anderson's attorney asked for probation.

The judge gave him jail time: 180 days.

And a chance to apologize.

Anderson apologized to the court but not to the victim.

"Anything to say to the victim? To the people of Brown County? I didn't hear much of an apology?" Spencer said.

Besides 180 days in jail, Anderson has to register as a sex offender for 15 years. He also has community service and for that will have to report to a probation officer.

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