Former Campbell County Judge Tim Nolan pleads guilty to 20 sex charges

Former Campbell County judge pleaded guilty to 20 sex charges (WKRC)

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) - A disgraced politician agreed to 20 years in prison for a list of sex crimes.

Local 12’s Joe Webb broke this story last spring after a minor came forward and claimed Nolan had coerced her into having sex for money.

That led to a 30-count indictment that included charges of human trafficking, unlawful transaction with a minor and prostitution.

Dressed in a gray suit and handcuffs, former judge and school board member Tim Nolan came to court Friday to plead guilty.

“He is accepting personal responsibility by entering these pleas. It was a 30-count indictment. Nine counts were dismissed. Nine counts were reduced to misdemeanors,” said Margo Grubbs, Tim Nolan’s attorney.

But still, the 21 sex charges that could have sent him to prison for nearly 130 years. The plea agreement was for 20 years.

The judge read through the details of all 21 counts. A sordid list of sex for money, sex for drugs, threats to call police or probation officers on the women if they didn't have sex with Tim Nolan or agree to be videotaped having sex with others.

As each count was read in detail, Tim Nolan entered his plea.

“Guilty,” said Nolan.

Most of the charges stem from activity between 2010 and 2017. Police executed search warrants last spring on Nolan's Campbell County farm. The plea agreement stipulates that any video or photos gathered by police can not be used at sentencing.

Nolan, who is 71-years-old, listened patiently through court headphones after removing his own hearing aids. After his plea, he asked Judge Lape if he could speak. He apologized for some earlier wise cracks.

“I didn't mean that I don't take this very seriously, sometimes I have a habit of responding to things and I hope that you didn't infer from that I was in any way trying to make light of these proceedings because I understand that this is basically the rest of my life,” said Nolan.

A life, in large measure, spent in public service that could end in prison. Tim Nolan will be back in court for formal sentencing on March 29th.

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