Fundraiser for Brody Allen features Santa, new puppy

    Fundraiser for Brody Allen features Santa, new puppy (WKRC)

    BURLINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) – It’s been quite a week for the Allen family.

    Shilo Allen made a Facebook post asking people to donate Christmas decorations to help her son celebrate during the limited time they have with him and people all over the world have responded in a big way.

    “To have so many people across the world reach out to my son to tell him Merry Christmas, we're thinking about you, we love you is just the greatest gift that I as a father could never give him,” Todd Allen, Brody’s father, said.

    Back in May, the Allen family learned their two-year-old son Brody had a rare form of brain cancer. In August, he was given just a couple months to live. So everything is being sped up, birthdays, Halloween and even Christmas. The neighborhood is full of lights and decorations. The Allen house has a tree up inside and Christmas cards are arriving for Brody in mass amounts.

    "We get people wishing him Merry Christmas from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Tasmania, Italy, all over the world, it's crazy but he (Brody) loves it,” McKenzie Allen, Brody’s sister, said.

    Saturday, at a fundraiser for the Allen family, Boone County Sheriff's deputies showed up with their cruisers and SWAT vehicles. And even Santa Clause made an appearance, bringing Brody a new puppy, a beagle named Lucy.

    A Christmas parade will take place in Brody’s neighborhood on Sept. 23.

    To follow updates on Brody, you can follow on Facebook HERE.

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